The Fault in Our Stars, The Metatext

The extraction of the metatextual references made in The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Every other week is an exploration of a chapter. Submissions are welcome!

Quick Note on a Submission

By a fault entirely of my own, I accidentally deleted a submission made by one of you!

I’m so sorry!

But to your question of whether this blog should be password protected, as the spoiler tumblr of tfios is, my response is this:

No’m. This blog is not meant to be a spoiler blog, but a meta-textual dissection of tfios. If you have not read tfios and are reading this blog, I doubt you will glean much from all these references out of context. That said, I will always put a warning at the beginning of a spoilery post, because as I said in the welcome post, we’re going to try to keep this blog as spoiler free as possible.

If you have any concerns about this, you can always use tumblr savior to blacklist the tag metatfios, and maybe that will help you out.

Again, deepest apologies for deleting your submission, and I hope you will all still feel comfortable submitting and reading the blog!

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